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Updated Heat Sheets 8-25-2016

2016 ECSC schedule Rev 8.24.16   [envira-gallery id=”1834″]    

Water is clear!

The city cleared the ordinance this morning and stated that the water is now clear.

Thursday 7 am

Official update Thursday 7a: mens round 96 will start at 7:30a and round of 64 heats 1-16 on stand by although most likely we will only run 1-8.

Surf Schedule has been revised! Please review.

2016 ECSC schedule Rev 8.24.16 There has been a lot of movement, so please download and review this version.

Surf, Sand and Smartmouth

            Surf’s Up! Smartmouth is the official Craft Beer Sponsor for the 54th Annual East Coast Surfing Championships at the oceanfront. In addition to all the sporting events, this week-long event also includes live bands, swimsuit contests and several beer get-togethers. Come out and enjoy a Smartmouth at these key […]

Wed 1pm

Official update 1p: pro Jr round of 32 completed and we are done for the day. Next update will be tomorrow morning 7a for potential 7:30 start with men’s round of 96, men’s 64 heats 1-8 will be on stand by after 96. Jr quarter finals will not run tomorrow.

Wednesday update

Official update Wednesday 9:30a: we will continue with Pro Jr round of 32 at 10:10a heats 1-8. Men’s round of 96 heats 1-8 will be on stand by after Jr however most likely we will not run men’s today. Next update will be at the end of today’s heats.

Wednesday morning update

Official update Wednesday 7a: we are starting at 7:30a with continuation of Jr round 1 followed by men’s round of 96 heats 1-16 or Jrs round of 32. No men’s round of 64 today.

Tuesday 2pm Update

Official update 2p: We will resume at 2:25p with Men’s heats 14-16 followed by Jr Men’s round 1 heats 1-8. End time will be around 6p. Next call will be tomorrow morning 7a for potential 7:30a start with either Men’s 96 or continuation of Jrs round 1

Womens Longboard

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