Vans Presents the 55th Annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships

August 20-27
 Eric Lusher


The Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships is a major professional and amateur event for the East Coast. Each year, several hundred surfers from Menehunes to Masters compete for East Coast surfing titles, prizes, history and the sheer love of surfing. Other beach oriented sports and recreation include volleyball, a boardwalk 5K run, street skate and ramp contests, swimsuit contests, food and drink concessions, and live music on the beach.

Mission Statement

The Virginia Beach Jaycees partnered with Coastal Edge with the mission to produce a unique sports and entertainment festival for the enjoyment of our guests and the betterment of our community in order to:

  • Strengthened business skills and personal development of our membership
  • Project our resort community and state as a favorable tourism destination
  • Establish financial support for the numerous charitable contributions and community service projects of the Virginia Beach Jaycees
  • Business goals and interest of our sponsorship partners are met through their association with us.