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Master’s Final Heat

Grand Legends Final Heat

Tautogs Doc Taylor Pro Heat Semifinals

Excited for Boxing?

Reck on the Road: Dorin Spivey Check out “Dangerous Dorin Spivey” talking about his route to the 54th CE ECSC.

2016 CE ECSC Recaps

You can view recaps of the daily action here. 54th Annual CE ECSC Recaps


Updated 2016 Heat Schedules! 08-22-2016 2016 ECSC schedule Open SUP Heat draw Open Shortboard Heat draw Open LB Heat draw Open BB Heat draw U10 LB Heat draw U10 Heat draw U14 Girls Heat draw U14 Boys LB Heat draw U14 Boys Heat draw U19 Girls Heat draw U19 Boys LB Heat draw U19 Boys […]

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